Inspired by Scandinavia

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The Idea

I have made clothes from the age of 10 when my mother taught me to sew and let me use her old Husquarna sewing machine.

After having raised three boys and sewing only for them I decided to try and make a brand of children's clothing that is comfortable,practical and still smart. That washes easily and that you can combine.

It is my aim to make a brand that makes it possible to wear handmade clothes also as a kid. Things that are not factory made and that are made in little series.




Style & Quality

My style is born in the Scandinavian tradition. Simple styles with few details and no big prints.

The Scandinavian "hygge" plays a great part in my design meaning that you can cuddle up and when you get up again your clothes still looks nice with few or no wrinkles.

The colors are soft and not flashy. I do not use neon colors and I work mostly with cotton, linen or wool fabrics mixed with a little stretch if necessary

100% Handmade

Everything is handmade with love for materials, fabrics and designs.

It is my aim to have everything last for a long time and to make the kids who wear it feel special.

I know the importance of practical but at the same time smart clothing for children.

Easy to wash and combine