My first show

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I had the pleasure this weekend to attend a big show with all kinds of baby items in Lyon where I have my home.

It was a hard but very learning two days and last night my feet punished me. 

I attended with my new line of clothing more directed towards babies and with a friend and colleague who makes baby carriers.

Our goal was of course to sell but also to let ourselves be seen and to hand out many business cards and talk all day long to mothers or mothers to be. To grandparents and also to some other producers.

We filled out a rather unique spot being little companies with the pro and cons that come with that. We can create small series and do not spend a lot of time adapting to new products but we do everything by hand and therefore our prices cannot be as cheap as for the big brands.

The interesting part was for me to receive a lot of positive vibes from everybody but also a little disappointment not to have sold much. I hope though that it pays off to show and tell.

I learnt that my fear of showing my own personality in my creations is ridiculous and that it strengthens the brand to be bold

Spring is coming

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With just 1 month of winter to go it is time to begin thinking of spring. How do I dress my little ones this year? Which colors are in fashion or simply. What do I need in order to complete the children’s  wardrobe in the best way?

Well here are my thoughts. Choose clothes made in a good quality, with decent materials that washes well and easily and yet looks good. Clothes that are made to be worn everywhere and that are made with love and without exploitation of anyone. 

The new creations are made for the babies trying to add to the toddler and preschool collection

Each piece is handmade in my own workshop and reflects perhaps my Scandinavian roots and yet also reflects my years living away.


New year, new beginning

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I believe that my idea is good. That many children will have a good time wearing my design. 

I am confident that children's clothing which is both beautiful and functional will make both children and their parents a little more happy.

Therefore I keep on sewing in my house, I keep on searching for beautiful fabric in friendly colors everywhere I go and I find amazing things everywhere. I look for improvements in my designs all the time to perfect them and make everything better.

And I love it. I cannot do otherwise even though it can be tough and difficult to build a business from scratch.